Up & Coming… Flo Fairweather

Flo FairweatherFlo Fairweather is a freelance designer.

She graduated from the Chelsea College of Art in 2015 and currently lives in Streatham, London.

How did you end up doing the job you do?
I did Art and Photography A levels, and couldn’t decide what degree to do; whether to go down a fine art, illustration or photographic route.  Graphic communications seemed to combine many of my interests. We were given a series of industry briefs and able to respond in any medium we chose. Some chose film or graphic design, my response was usually photographic. I haven’t looked back.

What are you working on right now?
Right now I am organizing Brixton Youth Design Trail, which is taking place on the 17th-25th September 2016. It’s a series of open briefs, talks, commissions and events for and by 16-25 year olds.
I am also working as a freelancer. I work at a production agency, designing treatments for art directors. I’ve just finished designing packaging for a coffee company, which is being produced now.  I also do my own work and I make music on the side https://soundcloud.com/flo-fairweather

Describe your first job
It was at a pub. I had quite the knack for dropping people’s change in their drinks…

What would was your B plan if this career didn’t work out?
World conquering pop star.

Who or what has been your biggest source of inspiration to date?
I’m not sure about biggest, but I did visit César Manrique’s house in Lanzarote this year, which is inspiring me at the moment.


Who would you most like to work with?
Cindy Sherman. I have admired her since I was young. I love the humour and transformative nature of her work. In the age of the ‘selfie’ I think people find it easy to disregard self portraiture as a powerful art form.


Where do you feel most inspired?
Anywhere I haven’t been before, places I can look at with fresh eyes.

What did you want to be when you were little?
An archaeologist. I used to be given those sand brick toys, where you’d scratch out these miniature dinosaur bones. I thought they were real and that I was really helping to make significant discoveries.

What advice would you give your children (or nieces/nephews/young people)?
Make the most of the playtime you have and make loads of mess.


What has been your career highlight to date?
Winning my D&AD New Blood pencil last year. These awards are open to young creatives with a view to offering a way into the design industry – companies set industry standard briefs and students or recent graduates are invited to respond. Last year I won a graphite pencil for an Ident I created for VICE, for their ‘rule britannia’ series of films.

Which one thing would you like to change about your industry/working life?
I would like to spend less time looking at a screen and make more fun objects.

Who is your favourite fictional female character?
Sue White from Green Wing.

Right Now I’m…
Watching: Broad City
Reading: ‘Girls will be Girls’ by Emer O’Toole
Listening to: The Sugarcubes

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Keep up with Flo at www.flofairweather.co.uk and on Twitter @Flofairweather