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Thanks for visiting The Muse.  We are Jen Cooper and Jo Olney, two ex-Penguin Books colleagues with over 25 years of PR and digital marketing experience; five children and eight sisters between us.  We have come across countless inspiring and intriguing women through work, at playgroups, even at PTA drinks.  Curious about the varied lives and experiences of the women we meet, we wanted to create a space that could capture all of these great stories and allow us to ask lots of questions.

The Muse is that space, where we showcase different women’s experiences, from the work that they do, to the things they create; businesses they launch; charities that they support or amazing personal challenges that they’ve faced.  We want to shine a light on all the incredible, inspiring things that women are doing and have one lovely place to visit that will be intelligent and insightful as well as offer a great read.  Unlike other blogs, this one will feature stories from many different contributors and perspectives.

We hope you enjoy it!

If you want to say hello or share your own story, drop us a line at jencoopercomms@gmail.com

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